University of California

The University of California conducts various research programs and projects on grains. Their agriculture undergraduate and graduate programs promote research,management, and innovation in the field and in the lab. The Student Collaborative Organic Plant Breeding Education (SCOPE) project at the UC Davis Student Farm, the UC Davis Dubcovsky Lab Wheat Breeding Program, and UC Cooperative Extension small grains research and extension all contribute to this legacy of agricultural innovation.

California Wheat Commission Lab

The California Wheat Commission is a diverse organization that endorses wheat scientists and growers in the state. They support grain research and use their in-house lab to test samples of wheat crops for different measures of quality and content. Their mission is to expand wheat growing, milling, and baking throughout California, while improving the crop harvest and quality.

The Whole Grain Connection

The Whole Grain Connection is a non-profit organization based in California that promotes the increased consumption of whole grains in the everyday diet. They connect seed suppliers, farmers, millers, and bakers in the hopes of making whole grains and whole grain products more available for consumers.

Mendocino Grain Project

The Mendocino Grain Project is a community-based program that allows members to buy into a share of an annual grain harvest. Encouraging grains to be grown and sourced locally, the project also concentrates on environmental impacts, nutrition, and widening the control of the grain food supply.

Honoré Mill

At Honoré, we are dedicated to restoring and strengthening the relationship between people and the land through regenerative farming practices, the cultivation of heritage grains and experiential education. We do so by honoring agricultural traditions that revitalize the health of our communities while building resilience into our dynamic food system to benefit future generations to come.