Building Our Grain Community

Welcome to the launch of a new regional grain network with big dreams: building a better marketplace for California grown grain. If you’d like to learn more about California wheat and grain crops, you are in the right place! All grain producers and consumers are welcome to join our community by participating in online discussions, signing up for our newsletter, utilizing our educational resources and following our postings.  

If you are a California farmer, seed supplier, miller, maltster, or consumer we encourage you to join our network by clicking on the link below.

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Who Are We?

We are a growing community of active participants in the California grain economy: researchers, farmers, millers, maltsters and bakers. We believe in the high quality of California grain and its importance to our state’s food production landscape.

We are launching this web tool as a support system for farmers and collaborators of all sizes and shapes in order to build a broad and more inclusive community. All are welcome and will find support and resources here.

We see a future where our high-quality grain meets and builds higher in-state demand for handling, milling and baking California-grown grain. California strong!

Our Goals

Through generous funding by the California Wheat Commission, this web tool exists to bring all participants together with the main goal of supporting production practices that improve the environment, increase profitability and sustainability, and provide food that improves human health. Our main objectives:

  • Facilitating direct connections among collaborators from seed to table
  • Providing educational tools and resources in support of high quality grain growing and handling
  • Engaging consumers and producers alike in discussion forums to build awareness, community and infrastructure solutions
  • Building a marketplace that will create better opportunities for producers and users of California grain
Featured Collaborator

Monica Spiller

Golden State Grains is proud to bring attention to the work of Monica Spiller. Her experience as a Cereal Chemist and her tireless work on behalf of wheat seed research and organic farming practices have benefited our California grain community in more ways than we could ever list. A fierce whole grain advocate and tireless educator - we are lucky to have her in our state and in our corner. In fact her years of collaboration and community-building with our researchers and farmers have provided the very framework for our efforts. Through her website, The Whole Grain Connection, Monica freely shares valuable information about organic landrace wheat seed, research papers, educational newsletters and recipes featuring whole grains and natural fermentation. Thank you, Monica, on behalf of Golden State Grains!

Latest News

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Cooperative Extension is a part of a nationwide educational system which involves the USDA, the state land-grant University system and County government.
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Soured by years of unprofitable wheat prices in commodity markets, California farmers are increasingly looking to sell their wheat locally and to specialty markets that cater to artisan bakers, chefs and home cooks who want something different than standard flour—and are willing to pay a premium.

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