School Whole Wheat Bread Rolls

The California Wheat Commission is developing a series of whole wheat recipes for schools which would like to make a special baked product for kids. This whole wheat bread roll is made with 100% whole wheat flour sourced directly from California wheat farmers. The schools: Shandon and San Miguel will procure 30,000 lbs of wheat and make bread rolls, tortillas, pizza, pasta, and other products.

This bread roll recipe uses the Japanese Yudane baking method. This method is essential for the success of this recipe, as it helps to obtain a soft and spongy bread roll that will last for 3 days on the counter without going stale or dry.

Please join our efforts to make fresh, delicious, and nutritious baked products for school meals.

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Prep Time
Cook Time


Whole Wheat Flour, Sonora/Patwin Blend

Ingredients         %            Weight (grams)

Sonora Flour       60           2157

Patwin Flour       40           1438

Note: you can use any whole wheat flour, but the water amount might differ.

Yudane, Sponge

Ingredients                        %            Weight (grams)

Whole Wheat Flour         100         719

Water                               100         719


Final Dough

Ingredients                         %            Weight (grams)

Whole Wheat Flour         100.0         2876

1% Milk                               75            2157

Sugar                                 18.8          539

Salt                                       2.5           72

Instant yeast                        2.5          72

Egg                                      12.5         359

Unsalted Butter                  10.0         288

Yudane                                 50.0        1438

Total Formula

Ingredients                        %            Weight (grams)

Whole Wheat Flour         100.0         3594.5

Water                                  20.0        718.9

1% Milk                               60.0        2156.7

Sugar                                  15.0        539.2

Salt                                     2.0          71.9

Instant yeast                      2.0          71.9

Egg                                    10.0        359.4

Unsalted Butter                 8.0          287.6


Prepare Flour Blend

1) Weigh out Sonora and Patwin flour so that the total flour blend is 60% Sonora and 40% Patwin.

2) Mix in stand mixer on low for 2 minutes to evenly combine.

3) Set whole wheat flour aside.  


Prepare Yudane, Sponge                                                                            

1) Weigh out flour amount and place in a bowl.                                                                                

2) Prepare hot boiling water (95°C).                                                                          

3) Weigh out the hot water and pour over the flour.                                                                          

4) Use a wooden spatula to mix the flour and hot water together until uniform. The final temperature should be around 60-65°C.                            

5) Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.                                                                          


Prepare Final Dough                                                                        

1) Weigh out all of the ingredients separately.                                                                                  


2) Place flour, 80% of the milk (75-78°F), salt, yeast, egg, unsalted butter (room temp) and yudane sponge (use warm) into the mixing bowl.  Hold back 20% of the milk.                                                                                  

3) Use the hook attachment and mix at slow speed(1) until all the ingredients are incorporated for 2 min.


4) Switch to medium speed (2) and continue mixing until it comes together into a dough for 4 min. During the last 2minutes of mixing, add the remaining 20% of the milk slowly in 2 intervals.


6) Stop the mixer and stream the sugar into the dough slowly while mixing until optimum gluten development for 1 min.  At this point, the dough will be soft and slightly sticky.  Use window pane test.


7) Remove dough from the mixing bowl and shape into a tight ball. Place it in a well greased container.  Cover and let it ferment for 30 minutes.  The dough should double in size and be 76-80degrees F.


8) Check the dough at the 30 minute mark.  Once the dough has doubled in size, turn the dough onto a greased countertop with oil spray.


9) Fold the dough in half 3 times leaving a smooth and tight top.


10) After folding, roll the dough into a 1/2inch thick rectangle that will fit the cutter.


11) Using a bench scraper, cut the rectangle in half so that there are 2 rectangles. Then, use the cutter and push down firmly on each of the rectangles. Separate and place the cut dough squares onto a greased and parchment paper lined baking sheet. Rest covered for 30 min (until doubled).


**Optional, but recommended: Shape the cut dough into rounds before placing on baking sheet**


12) Brush with egg and bake at 350°F for 20-25minutes.                


Storage recommendations to serve like fresh:

Option 1: The bread rolls can stay covered on the counter for 3 days. Warm them up prior to serving them.

Option 2: Freeze for as long as you want, take out the night before to thaw and we highly recommend to warm them up prior to serving them.



This bread recipe is easy and can also be done with kids as part of a fun baking activity.