Corn Crops

California produces 19% of the nation’s sweet corn, ranking number two in the U.S. In 2015, California harvested 60,000 acres of corn for grain, valued at $33 million. The same year, the state harvested 365,000 acres of corn for silage. The leading counties in 2015 for corn production were Fresno for sweet corn, Sacramento for grain corn, and Tulare for silage corn. Corn is the most widely planted grain in the United States, with most of the domestic production grown in the Midwest. In California, field corn is grown for grain and silage. Total area planted for both purposes was 520,000 acres in 2014. Of that 2014 area, 95,000 acres was harvested for grain, averaging about 5.46 tons per acre. Harvested silage acreage was 420,000 acres in 2014, which yielded 26 tons per acre on average. - Source: University of California, Photo Credit: "Corn field" by Rastoney is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

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