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Durum-Iraq (PI 481581) is a landrace durum wheat from Iraq. It is a spring type and has long black awns and pale yellow seed color. It grows well in the Sacramento Valley and offers the possibility of a supply for whole wheat pasta makers as well as bakers who know how to make pleasing whole durum wheat breads. The whole wheat dough does not darken on standing and the starch quality is similar to that of Kronos, a standard for pasta wheat quality. It is appealing to wheat weavers and straw artists, as well as florists, due to the attractiveness of the heads and long stem. It has good drought tolerance and tall plant height (can grow up to 5 feet in height). At the time of evaluation by the UC Regional Testing program it was later heading than conventional cultivars (about two weeks later than Desert King), averaged about 54 inches in plant height (and was more susceptible to lodging than most conventional cultivars), and was resistant to stripe rust, powdery mildew, and Septoria tritici leaf blotch. It was evaluated as Entry 1631 in the UC Regional Durum Wheat Testing program in 2009 for late fall planting in the Central Valley and southern desert areas of California.

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