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Patwin is a hard white spring wheat. It was developed by the University of California, Davis and released in 2006. It was selected from the cross Madsen/2*Express. Its experimental designations were UCD 03010/24 and UC 1419. It has short stature (average plant height is 38 in, similar to Blanca Grande and Clear White) and excellent straw strength. It is medium late maturing (flowers approximately 6 days later than Clear White and 10-12 days later than Blanca Grande). It has a 2NS/2AS translocation from Ae.ventricosum carrying leaf rust resistance gene Lr37, stripe rust resistance gene Yr17, and stem rust resistance gene Sr38. It has a semi-erect juvenile plant growth habit. Flag leaves are recurved and twisted. It has mid-dense, inclined strap shaped heads with white awns, and white glumes that are long and medium length with square shoulders and acuminate beaks. Kernels are oval, white, and hard. Seed has a midsize germ with a narrow crease, rounded cheeks, and a medium sized, non-collared brush. It contains the high molecular weight subunits 5+10 (Glu-D1). Patwin has high loaf volumes which are not significantly different from Blanca Grande but that are significantly larger than those observed for Clear White. All three cultivars have similar flour extraction rates. At the time of release it was resistant to stripe rust, leaf rust, and powdery mildew, moderately resistant to Septoria tritici leaf blotch, and susceptible to BYD. It subsequently became moderately resistant to leaf rust. It is resistant to the root-knot nematode due to the presence of the 2NS translocation from Ae.Ventricosum. It was evaluated as Entry 1419 in the UC Regional Cereal Testing program from 2004-present for late fall planting in the Central Valley, surrounding areas, the south-central coast region, and southern desert areas of California and in the Oregon Spring Wheat Elite Yield Trial conducted in cooperation with the UC Regional Cereal Testing program from 2007-2009 for spring planting in the intermountain region of northern California.

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