Patwin 515

Patwin 515

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Patwin 515 is a hard white spring wheat. It was developed by the University of California, Davis. Foundation seed was produced in 2011/2012, with release planned for 2013. Stripe rust resistance genes Yr5 and Yr15 were introduced by five backcross generations into the UC Davis resistant cultivar Patwin (from the cross Madsen/2*Express) and then combined using marker assisted selection at UC Davis. This cultivar also has the Aegilops ventricosa 2NS translocation carrying resistance genes to stripe rust Yr17, leaf rust Lr37, stem rust Sr38, and root knot nematodes. Patwin 515 has very high yield potential in both the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys as well as excellent breadmaking quality (has one of the highest protein contents among current cultivars). It is very similar to the original Patwin, with medium-late maturity and excellent straw strength, but has additional sources of stripe rust resistance. It is resistant to stripe rust and leaf rust, moderately resistant to Septoria tritici leaf blotch and BYD, and moderately susceptible to powdery mildew. It was evaluated as Entry 1680 in the UC Regional Cereal Testing program from 2011-present for:

Late Fall Planting

Particularly suited for:

Central Valley and surrounding areas

South-central coast region

Southern desert areas

*Lab data below is an average from 2020 harvest

Lab Information

Grain Quality

11.7% m.b.
8.9% m.b.

Whole Grain Flour

1.61% m.b.
11.7% m.b.
Gluten Strength
Flavor Profile
Toasty, Yeasty, Hay
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