Wheat Crops

Today, while fewer acres are devoted to grain cultivation, our Mediterranean climate and farming practices still allow our farmers to produce some of the highest quality grain in the world. A new focus on transparency and innovation is propelling us forward with stronger efforts for seed diversity and regenerative practices. Our regional climate conditions also afford us the advantage of having more planting seasons to choose from. We technically experience spring-like conditions year round. True winter wheat varieties rarely do well here without the necessary winter vernalization period, which means most of our Hard Red and Hard White wheats are Spring varieties, even when seed is sown in the winter months. Here is an introduction to the crop diversity of California. Click on each category to explore individual varieties.

Triticum Aestivum (Hexaploid Wheat)

Triticum Turgidum (Tetraploid Wheat)

Triticum Monococcum

Triticum Dicoccum