New UC Barley Variety for growers: UC-Capay

November 24, 2020

New Barley Variety: UC-Capay

This is to announce the release of the new barley variety ‘UC-Capay’ (formerly known as ‘UC 1390) and the availability of a limited amount of seed for allocation this Fall.

‘UC-Capay’, a two-rowed malting barley variety, was developed by breeders in the University of California, Davis barley breeding program.  The attached Summary of ‘UC-Capay’ was prepared by Dr. Isabel Alicia del Blanco, lead barley breeder at The University of California, Davis. 

‘UC-Capay’ is being made available to California barley growers who wish to produce certified seed for their own use in barley production. If you wish to produce certified seed, you will need to submit an “Application to Produce Certified Seed” directly to the CCIA using the online submission procedure at

If you are interested in producing seed of this variety in California, the first step is to request a license from UC Davis InnovationAccess.  To request a license, please contact me by phone at (530) 754-8674 or by email at  Seed of ‘UC-Capay’ cannot be released until licensing is completed.  If you want to receive seed for planting this Fall, you must complete this step promptly.

 If you will be requesting a license from UC Davis InnovationAccess, you should concurrently place an order for ‘UC-Capay’ seed with the Foundation Seed Program (FSP).  Orders need to be placed no later than November 20, 2020,preferably sooner, to participate in this year’s allocation.  All seed orders should be placed directly with Larry Frame to his mobile number at (530)219-1953 or by email to   As required by FSP, a completed and accepted Foundation Seed Advance Purchase Agreement with accompanying W9 form, will need to be on file with FSP prior to seed being released.  Once UC Davis InnovationAccess confirms licensing has been completed, you will be eligible to pick up your seed from FSP.  Technical questions regarding this variety should be directed to Dr. del Blanco at and questions relating to seed orders can be directed to Larry Frame.